11 May, 2013

Milwaukee May 6 2013

You know you're getting old when you go to a conference on India and China and realize you have heard it all before.  There was nothing new at the Milwaukee International Trade Center, so we, that is Dick and I, got bored and left to have lunch somewhere else. 

The night previous we were looking forward to a great meal at the Brazilian restaurant, that was once called the Sabor and is now called the Radizio.  I was looking forward to the wonderful salad bar that had been at the Sabor, but unfortunately it was no longer the extensive vegetables that had been offered previously. It was actually more Brazilian in that there were dishes like pea salad, radish salad, mostly cooked and then cooled. Of course the meat was good, but I loved the old salad. 

We stayed at the Athletic club. The rooms are big and the desk is very large. We have picked that as our Stammhotel. 

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