12 May, 2013

Chicago for Mother's day

Driving down to Chicago was a nightmare.  Dick misplaced his wallet and couldn't drive, so I had to take the wheel for the whole miserable four hours it took to get here. Needless to say my neck and shoulders were so tight I could have chipped them away with an ice pick.

We had reservations at the River Hotel. I picked it because it said there was a nice patio where we could sit in the sun and have a cocktail. But Mother Nature did it to us again and it is cold and miserable. So no cocktail on the patio.  However I like the room, not real big but cozy and well decorated.  If we come again I will suggest we stay here. It is centrally located and on the river.  Who knew that Chicago has a river? On St Pat's day the government colors the river green. Let's hope it is environmentally safe.

We had dinner at Bella Bacinos, a restaurant connected to the River Hotel, which turned out to be a bust. Dick's penna alla bolognese was soggy. My linguine was okay, but the seafood was not fresh. Seafood has to be fresh. 

This morning we had breakfast at the South Water Kitchen. I ordered crabcake egg benedict. I thought that would be tasty. But it was bland, the crab cakes were tasteless and the hollandaise sauce was tasteless. Luckily we had a fruit plate. The kitchen can't destroy that.

Well it's time to go out and do the River Walk.

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