26 September, 2013

Soevind in the fall.

The last two weeks have flown by. I have been sick the last ten days with a bad cold. Crappy feeling, stuffed up and coughing. But I am better now.

The weather here has been relatively cold: between 48 and 58 degrees. When the sun is out it is warm, but when the sun disappears it is very cold. I just looked at a map and Horsens is farther north than Ottawa.  Without the gulf stream the country would be one iceberg.  

I have learned Danish during my stay. Too bad I didn't feel better: I would have been able to learn a lot more. But I have made at least good use of my time when I was chipper.  

Kjeld will join me in the decade of the 70s in November and Jette soon next summer. No one wants to become 70 years old. It smells of mortality, death around the corner. However these Vikings seem to live forever. Riding bikes in the dead of winter. Climbing trees and running marathons way into their 80s and 90s. Pretty hearty bunch.

Today I helped Kjeld pick up branches. He climbs the ladder and cuts the branches on top of the tree. I just gathered them and put them in the trailer.  Then I planted a few bulbs with Jette. So finally I have done something to earn my keep.

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