02 September, 2012

Cottswold Way: Day 12 Wootton under Edge

We arrived by taxi at Wootton under Edge. What does Edge here mean?  The consensus was it meant under a ledge, though I wasn't quite sure where this ledge was.  Wootton means place by the wood. So I suppose in Anglo-Saxon or old English. But despite its spelling Wootton rhymes with Foot. It is also spelled Wotton.

Going from one village to another has the bad effect of making everything roll together. You know the saying: It's Tuesday, it must be Paris. Well, that's how this trip felt. And since we didn't walk as we planned, it sort of makes it blah. 

St. Mary the Virgin

However, Wootton under Edge had some interesting things. There was a church, shock! with a cemetery. In fact there seems to be cemeteries everywhere. These people in the Middle Ages were very focused on the dead. 
This was in the middle of the road.

Then there there was the Electric picture House. Another name for a cinema. 

You could also buy a harness and reins for your child. I'm not quite sure what one would do when he/she is six months old. It seems to me you could put the child in a play pen if you want to keep the kid in one place. I doubt you would take him/her out walking while the child is still crawling. But then what do I know? I only had six and never used reins or a harness, though there were times I would have liked to. 

Another interesting thing was the shop that made Handmade Cosmetics just for You.

We stayed at the Swan Hotel. This is the bar, a typical pub bar.

Then as we left we were thanked for giving them our business.

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