28 August, 2012

Cotswold way: day 11 Dursley

We arrived by bus in Dursley. It is a small village that was once a thriving market town with a now defunct railway line. Now the market place which is also the town hall is used for the once a monthly market and other village  events.

We stayed at Underhill Bed and Breakfast, which was located next to the Old Spot Pub. This was also a nice couple who helped me find a place to stay in Bath.  The place was sparse, but more than adequate. Unfortunately no one had washing facilities, but the proprietor said she would dry whatever we washed out. Needless to say I didn't feel like washing my slacks and t shirts, but  did my socks and underthings.

We went off to Gloucester that day, early and spent most of the day at the Gloucester Cathedral. I was quite fascinated with this cathedral, because it had been built in many parts at different times. It started out as an Anglo Saxon religious house and this was one of the foundations. When the cathedral  was first built, the roof was wood. One of the people there pointed out that the columns were different colors, because the roof burned and fell into the cathedral. That discolored parts of the columns leaving them slightly pink and yellow. Then the roof was replaced.

I think it is interesting that these roofs could be built in a time that people had to climb up and set everything by hand, and yet with all of our technology, we never make anything as beautiful as this roof.

The other interesting thing was the cut glass window. According to the brochure it was a very modern window. But according to the guide, Cromwell came along and smashed the glass. The pieces were all picked up, but no one knew which piece went where, so this was the result.

There were a few other things I liked. Robert of Normandy was the only person whose statue was colored. The rest were all gray.
I suppose my interests are a little strange. But it is the unusual I find fascinating, rather than the usual. 

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