25 August, 2012

Cotswold: Day 10 Middleyard

The next stop was Middleyard. where there was nothing, No restaurant, no real shops, nada, niente kuch niye. So we went to Stroub by bus. Yes, we learned the bus system. As long as we stayed in the Stroub district we could travel all day by bus for 3 pounds 40. Not bad, and we could see whatever we wanted.

Dick went to the Chemist which is called a pharmacy here and I went the post office to get stamps to send cards to the grandchildren.

We met Pam at our B&B, an elderly woman who had a beautiful place. Our room was exquisite, with beautiful bed, a mirror to put on makeup on, a place to hang our clothes and there was a tiny refrigerator to put the milk and water in.
It is the little touches that count.

We had a big TV,  which of course we never turned on, because I had vowed not to watch TV on the march. At least I could fulfill that promise to myself.

Outside was a very pretty garden.  It was very well kept and if it hadn't been so cold I would have sat outside. The place is known for its views and you can see why. 

. The next morning we were served raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, regular full fat yogurt as well as a full English breakfast if you wanted it. Pam also served a full English breakfast if you wanted it.

This place had also four stars as did St Annes, which looked like a derelict place.

Going for dinner was a bit of a rush. We had to take a taxi which came from somewhere else and took us three miles. When I suggested we walk Pam said no, it was terribly difficult and when it's dark, impossible. Dick got sick from the fast up and down hills. We should have bought something and had a picnic.  But what to do?  The taxi each way cost10 lbs.

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