25 August, 2012

Cotswold: Day 9 Painswick

We arrived at St. Anne's in Painswick. This was the worst bed and breakfast. It has four stars, but don't believe it. The place is shabby, the rug going upstairs has not been cleaned in months and the room was dilapidated. A big four poster bed that took up most of the room and a toilet/shower they had somehow built into the cupboard. But okay, it was livable. I'm not saying it was dirty, because it wasn't,  but not a very nice place, in relation to all the other bed and breakfasts so far. And it was rated a four star.

Iris, the proprietor and her husband were nice enough, but when she asked what we wanted for breakfast and I said eggs, she said, "Oh, you want something hot?"  I thought at first they must be hard up, but she said they were going out to get her daughter her second show horse. So that's where the money was going. You shouldn't run a business if your heart isn't in it. I would not suggest anyone stay there. There are too many good places to stay.

The village was nice. We walked to the Rococo gardens which was an English garden, sort of plants everywhere without too much thought and lots of statues of various ages and styles.
Rococo Gardens

There were a number of these kind of statues, modernish, made out of wood, almost like totems. Or maybe they were totems. There was no guide to ask.

Then there was the classical bit. Statues from the 1600s and others. 

There was also a church yard with lots of tombstones and yew trees. Actually I think they were overgrown bushes, but there were a lot of them.
Here you can barely see the Yew tree. But there are a hundred and they are numbered.

Aside from the best meal we have had on the Cotswold at a Gypsy place called the Cardynham, www.cardynham.co.uk/  restaurant.html that was the extent of this village. Delicious, delicate and served with a beautifully decorated plate. I forgot to take a photo.

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