25 August, 2012

Cotswold: Days 7&8 Birdlip

We arrived in Birdlip at the Royal George Hotel, a real hotel this time. Luckily we were on the ground floor, so no dragging bags up and down the stairs. Th. e room was okay, typical hotel in a small town. The receptionist was a bit testy, snapped when you asked a question. I guess she thought she could scare us off. But hey, I have met testier. 

Apparently it was called the George hotel until King George spent a night there, and then they changed the name to George Royal. Okay. 

The restaurant was good, and luckily, because there weren't any other restaurants in the area. 

Tony and Blue

Here we were able to do a number of walks around the area and we met  Tony and Blue on one of our walks..

Tony was out in the woods walking his dog, Blue. Tony was a man in his sixties, already retired He had been in the British army, located in Ireland in his 20s, in the snatch unit. That meant that when there was a demonstration against Britain, which were many, he and his mates ran into the crowd, pulled out the ring leader and took him off to jail. He stood about the same height as Dick, as short but not as heavy as Dick, but stocky enough.  Then he became a postie, that is the name of the postman in Birdlip.  He said he got frustrated with managers who had been to college, but knew nothing about taking care of the post, but always wanted to tell them what to do. Sound familiar???? So he retired in frustration.

Speaking of the post. Britain is also losing money in the postal service and is closing many of the post offices around the country. Now they have stopped selling stamps and taking packages many days a week. Since few people sell stamps, it is a problem getting stamps to send cards. 

But back to Birdlip. Though the  people were nice, except for the receptionist, at the hotel, it didn't have the intimacy of the Bed and Breakfasts we have stayed at.

I finally cut my food down to two eggs and  toast in the morning with tea, a bowl of soup and small salad at lunch and what they call light bites for dinner. If I hadn't done that I would blow up like a balloon, but would be too fat to fly. 

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