23 August, 2012

Cotswold: Day 6 Dowdeswell

This was the best BandB we stayed in. Detmore House in Dowdeswell, which I have been misspelling til now.  The village is located near Cheltenham, which we decided to visit. But the village of Dowdesville had a few little shops, though it was not a great historical site. Frankly by now, I was getting sick of new history lessons. We arrived on a Sunday, which meant the pubs were closed for dinner. But for lunch we went to the Royal, who had a great barman and we were allowed to purchase two children's meals, which was perfect. I felt comfortable when I finished eating. And the food was quite good.

That night we went to the Langton, both places were suggested by Kilmeister, the proprietor of the Detmore House. Dick went to the bar to order. Because it was a pub,  you order at the bar if you are sitting outside. The barman said they had stopped serving food, which was untrue. I didn't care, figured we could buy some apples at the local off licence. But the girls at  the next table saw our confusion and went in and found someone who would take our order. It had been a beautiful day, and apparently the bar man was fed up and didn't want to serve any more people.

The Detmore house was up a long drive, obviously once a small estate.They had bought the place 20 years previous and they turned it into a BandB while their children were small. That way the lady of the house could stay home and still earn. And frankly the taxes must be horrendous for such a  house.

They had the best breakfast, included in the price. Not just an English breakfast, but four different choices, all hot and cooked and or served by the hostess. Yes we were happy there.

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