23 August, 2012

Cotswold: Day 5 Cleve Hill

Lady Susan asked Dick what he did and when she heard he gave workshops,  she glommed onto it with both hands. "Maybe you could have a workshop here," she said. Dick was very diplomatic, but wasn't really interested. In reality, he doesn't set up the workshop, the companies that hire him do.

We went on to Cleeve Hill, another stop on the road. The B and B was called a hotel, which it is no longer. 

The room was very nice, big picture window over the valley. The proprietor was an Austrian whose mother was a Handel and his English wife. They explained that the hotel had been there since the Edwardian era. That puts the hotel in the time between 1901 and 1910. 

The pub was called the Rising Sun. I thought at first it might have something to do with Japan, maybe an owner, but no. Like most pubs it is owned by a Brewery and this one is one of over 100 pubs in Britain. Breweries opened pubs so that the public would have a place to drink their beer. 

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