20 August, 2012

Cotswold: Day 4 Stanton

Here we are with Jette and Kjeld  on one of our training walks

Peter took us to Stanton, where we had a reservation at the Guild house. From what I could determine from the internet, this was the only place one could stay that was located IN Stanton. But it was a stretch of the truth. Stanton was about a mile down the road, and aside from seeing some very beautiful medieval houses nothing was there: no shops, no restaurants, no coffee shops, no pharmacy, no pubs. It looked like a hollywood set waiting for a movie to be made. Actually people lived in these houses, but they only left by car. And of course why wouldn't they? There was nothing to walk out of their houses for.

The guild house cost the most of all the places we were staying at and there was no breakfast. It was run by Lady Susan Mawson, a very congenial person. She told us the history of  the place. A Mary Osborne built this mansion to teach spinning and weaving to the English, Gandhi style. She was a follower of Gandhi, with money of course, and the Guild House has been used for the teaching of crafts and other forms of art since then. http://www.stantonguildhouse.org.uk/. They usually take groups, but felt some pity on us, I think. I didn't get a photo of the guild house, so you can follow the link. 

We had the run of the place. We picked our own room: there are many. We picked our own shower and we were able to wash our clothes. It turned out to be very comfortable and interesting. It reminded me of the house we lived in in Austria, a big villa on the hill.

We ate lunch and dinner at the local pub, right around the corner from the Guild House.  Many of these pubs consider themselves "gourmet", and Lady Susan asked me why it wasn't. I shrugged, because unless you have been to France and/or Italy, how can you explain. In any way, I sounded like a snob, so I decided to shut up.

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