03 September, 2012

Cotswold Way: day 13 Hawksbury Upton

Day 13. Wow, I am nearing the end. But here goes. 

I had been looking forward to Hawksbury because there was an Italian Chef there at the Fox Inn, the place we were staying at. But fortunately or unfortunately when we arrived the Chef and his Polish wife, Aggie, were hosting a big party for the village. We dropped our stuff in our room and went down to join the crowd. People of all ages were dancing, drinking and eating, a typical Italian Gig. And---they had a guy singing Italian opera pieces. So I joined in, dancing away, until I was totally exhausted and then sat down and drank some wine and then danced some more. Dick was giving me the signal not to drink so much, but hey, finally I was having fun. So I totally ignored him. 

We met a couple, Debby and Gordon Young and their daughter Laura.  They were also having a great time and we talked a lot between dances. Well, talked, ate and drank wine. Gordon was telling us about Scotland, where he's from and how he hates the aristocracy. Debby works for a company who helps people get published among other things and she suggested I send in Vultures and Peacocks. And she offered to take us to Bath the next day, which was 20 miles away. After questions like, are you sure, we can take the bus, we agreed happily. About 7:30 or 8 pm the chef  had made a small meal for us and we went in to eat it. It was a great spaghetti and a pizza.  That's when Dick said I was drunk, which I'm sure was true. However, it made me angry, because I was having so much fun and that threw cold water on it. In any case we went up to bed in this beautiful room decorated as only an Italian would decorate it.  

The next morning after breakfast we were picked up by Debby, who showed us the village, a few houses and one shop. She also took us to the local church, which apparently few people attend. I wasn't surprised, because it was two miles away. Then she said that the church is in Hawksbury and she lives in Hawksbury Upton, which is on the hill. 

Then she showed us a monument to Lord Somerset, the aristocrat who owned all the land in that area at one time. Another monument very similar to this one was built in honor of Tyndale, who translated the Bible. That is located in North Nibley. 

We had a nice ride into Bath and she left us off at the hotel.

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