21 April, 2012


On April 9th I went with a fasting stomach to the Stoughton Hospital in Stoughton for hip replacement surgery.  Stoughton is a small town outside of Madison and has a very clean well maintained hospital with 32 beds. I decided it would be best to have a staff from a small town, who have probably worked many years at the hospital. They would be better team players because they know each other well, and still the hospital is close enough to Madison in case of an The emergency. 

The day before the surgery my blood was taken in order to determine my blood type and pints of blood were ordered in case I started to bleed.. The next day when I went to the hospital, the id card they had tied on my wrist had worn through, so they had to take my blood again and redo the whole process again. 

I changed into the popular modish gown and was slapped on a gurney. I don't remember anymore until I woke up in my room with oxygen and blood transfusions. There was pain and the nurse gave me Oxychodon, which turned me into an itching machine. I was sure a million mosquitos had attacked me.  So much for the first day.

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