22 April, 2012

Day 2

I woke up in the morning in a terrible state. I'd scratched myself raw. Obviously I was allergic to Oxychodone, so the doc decided to change the medicine to hydrochodone.  This is the same drug House takes on TV. I had taken it a couple of times before the surgery, but I only took a tablet once in twenty four hours, so I wasn't prepared for the results in the hospital. They gave me a tablet every four hours, and  by lunch I had escaped this reality and was living in another. I talked to my mother, grandmother in fields so green it was hard to look at. After a couple of hours of this dream, I would open my eyes and find only one or two minutes had passed. I felt like a person in space going backwards. By the end of the day I told the nurses no more, that I would put up with the pain. 

In the meantime the social worker came in and informed us that the insurance company said it wouldn't pay the bill. I had taken care of all this in advance, but even so, what a time to tell someone they won't be covered, still on oxygen and bleeding. If I'd had the strength I would have batted her with my walker. I did mumble something, that I'm sure she didn't understand.  In any case, I suggested they rewrite the request to the insurance and send it again. They did and the insurance company agreed to ten more days in rehab. 

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