04 April, 2012

The Stoughton Hospital

Today Dick and I toured the Stoughton Hospital. I will enter there on Monday next for a hip replacement, the left hip. There are single rooms with a connected bath, a TV and internet. So between that and reading, I will be fine. Lots to do between physical therapy sessions. 

I've heard that the food is excellent. I will have to see that to believe it. Considering I have been in hospital in at least seven different countries, and never have they had decent meals. Oh well, there is always a first. 

Last April I was in St Mary's Hospital in Madison. But that was like staying in a five star hotel: a fancy big TV, internet, a spa like bath.  A little over the top and certainly not something that Medicare can readily afford. I spent three days there with pneumonia.They offered a low carb diet. That was the beginning of my eating meat again after 35 years. 

I'm not looking forward to next week, but I think a small hospital will be better than a big rambling one.

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