17 March, 2012

Wandering through Viborg

The Cathedral
After resting a whole day, doing nothing but talk to Kirsten, play scrabble, read Post American World by Fareed Zacharia and watch TV--the Downton Abbey for the second time, Dick and I decided to go into town today and look around. 

Viborg is a wonderful little village, old buildings dating back to the 1700s, narrow streets, an unusual cathedral with a roof and gables like dunce caps. Usually I am quite bored with things Scandinavian, always comparing things I see to Florence, Rome, Paris and Barcelona. But this little town had a charm all its own. And I wouldn't mind coming here in the summer to do more photos------when the sun is shining. 

As usual the sun hid its face and the wind was up. So standing outside was a little better than miserable. But I enjoyed the place anyway. 

First we went to the Madhus, which actually means meal house. But we got a kick out of saying we drank cappuccinos in a place called a Mad Hus. And that we did in a cafe restaurant that was modern and bright, or as bright as one can have with no sun.  The tables and chairs were Danish modern, as most, things are here. When I looked outside I saw a statue of a gull's face. Well, I think that's what it was. A cement structure made like the face of a bird bobbing along in a water trough. Gray and dull looking. 
Street Scene

We walked down the main street, a pedestrian street, which is common in all the small towns in Denmark. Outside stood rows of clothes for sale, clothes for the hearty individual. I guess the new fashion colors are gray and some kind of green.  What I find amusing is the placement of the shops. All clothes shops together, all underwear shops one after another with photos of well endowed women in flimsy little lingerie. And shops with sausages, flowers, etc.

Another statue on the square. Nothing fragile about these buggers
We had lunch at Jensen's Boefhus, a place Dick has chosen years ago because it has a salad bar and a well stocked salad bar. I had the luncheon steak, a delicious piece. I took the small one with pan fries and a tuborg classic beer. And the salad of course. Dick had the fitness chicken, tiny pieces absolutely dry. So he poured olive oil to give the meat some flavor. 

When we left, we had to walk over the square, because the streets are all torn up for whatever reason. There was a line of about 100 people in front of an ice cream shop. I don't think I have seen that many Danes in one place waiting for anything. And then we found out why.  The shop was giving away free Italian ice, newly opened and the whole village arrived to get some.

This is a leather jacket for sale at a place where Dick tried on a sweater jacket that was too small and had no pockets. You have to love that name.
Since we have been invited for dinner tonight, we stopped by the wine shop and bought a present, San Cere and chocolates. I took a photo of the Cathedral while waiting for the taxi to pick us up. 

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