14 March, 2012

Last day in Soevind

Tomorrow I am on the road again. I catch the train in Horsens, change in Aalborg and then go on to Viborg.  Kirsten, Dick's friend, will pick me up and take me to her house. I meet up with Dick at Kirsten's. Dick met her when he was teaching at the Business School in Viborg. Kirsten was one of the teachers there and they have been friends for years.

Kirsten has retired as well. She went to London for a few months and house sat for a family there who were traveling to India for the winter. Not a bad idea. House sit for a month or more for a family who needs someone to care for the house. An inexpensive way to see another big city.

It will be sad to say good bye to Jette and Kjeld. But I have been here a long time and I'm sure, though they never say so, they have had enough of me. You know the old quote from Ben Franklin, "A guest after three days is like fish." But we have had some good talks, and Kjeld put together a program that brings netflix into Denmark. So Jette and I watched In Plain Sight the last three nights.

Today we are going into town, Horsens. She needs to shop for her children's and grandchildren's birthdays. I need to get my nails done and take back a shirt I bought.

Yesterday I spent two hours in Horsens, while they worked out at the gym. I tried a hot dog at another stand, and it was very bad. I thought I was eating paper, but it was the rind of the hot dog. Not at all like the hot dog I had at the stand of the Vietnamese guy. I looked for his shop, but couldn't find him on my own.

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