12 March, 2012

Getting my hair done in Spain

I had decided not to dye my hair anymore, because the color fades within two weeks. But after a month of trying to find my face in the mirror, (it is as white as my hair) I changed my mind. I noticed that all the women my age in Vitoria color their hair, and Suzanne told me that she had colored hers many weeks before. It was still vibrant with color. She had it done with henna.

Henna used to be only a red color, so I never tried it. I have seen people in India with bright orange hair from henna. But okay, things do change. I went to the beauty parlor and they showed me all the colors they had in henna. There was everything from blond to black. Unfortunately no blue, purple or green, but okay I will be satisfied to have it any one of the colors they offered. I picked dark blonde or light brown to see how it would turn out. It was painted on and sat in plastic wrapping under heat for at least 40 minutes. And I had the beautician color my eyebrows with henna as well, but a darker brown. 

When they finished I was a bit disappointed. It was very light blonde, not much darker than the white and the eyebrows were noticeable, but not as dark as I would have liked. But hey this was a trial and that was the result. 

Three days later I washed my hair, and it was darker, not only darker blond, but many different colors in the strands. My eyebrows darkened day by day, and now they jump out at me when I look in the mirror.  I understand why Suzanne's hair looked so good after many weeks. The more you wash it the more vibrant the color becomes.

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