10 March, 2012

Meals in Horsens and Soevind

Boering Memorial

We went to Horsens to have a hot dog that I was introduced to the last time I was here. The hot dog is at least 18 inches long in a short roasted bun, and it is covered with dijon mustard, ketchup, roasted onions, raw onions and topped with cucumber slices. I loved the hot dog the first time and I remembered it as it was. Now eating a hot dog is no big deal but I decided to try a New York hot dog the last time I was there. It didn't hold a candle to this Danish hot dog. I tried one in Chicago and was totally disappointed. You must come to Horsens and try the hot dog from this Danish fellow of Vietnamese extraction in a little hot dog stand on Torbet square. Until you've had a hot dog here, you will not know what a good hot dog tastes like. 

We had dinner at home. Jette made stegtflaesk, a typical Danish peasant dish; There are boiled potatoes with parsley gravy and what we would probably call Sow belly, a typical southern dish. The pork is cut from the chest of the pig and sliced in very thick pieces and then fried or broiled until it is so crisp that you can break it in half. It was a delicious meal. 

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