09 March, 2012

Dick's book reception, etc.

We got up late. I think I slept until almost 10 after going to bed at 20 hours. I felt like my body was going to break into pieces and I snuggled into bed and relaxed finally. When I went into the kitchen, dining room for coffee and bread, Dick told me I had to be ready at 11:30 which made me a little stressed. We were meeting people for lunch from the publishing house at 13 hours. It is only half an hour to Aarhus, so why so early. Then we had to search for cords and various other things, so the time to 11:30 was getting shorter and shorter, which meant I was getting more and more irritable. Finally we got off, everyone dressed in their finery. I had my grey and white and black blouse and pearl necklace and earrings I'd worn on my birthday. Jette had on a black and white blouse and Kjeld wore a sweater, looking very preppy. Dick was dressed to the hilt, with his boring blue shirt, but a very snazzy tie and sport coat. 

We had lunch with Paul, Hanne and an intern called Sabrina, who came along for the experience, at a very nice Italian Restaurant called the Grappa.  The food was pretty good, though they sold the wine in three sizes, 5, 10 and 15, which I found very confusing. I took 15 which turned out to be about half a glass which made me wonder how big a 5 was. At about 14 hours we left for the university, where the reception was taking place.  But it didn't start until 16:30, so Jette and I sat around and read our kindles.

Dick was introduced by a man called Soeren, who was Danish, but looked like a southern Frenchman, short, dark with dark eyes. Dick talked for about 30 minutes, explaining why he did so much work in Denmark.  Then Soeren talked about Dick's profiles saying that it was impossible to put those profiles to every individual in the country Dick described. Then Dick got up, agreed with Soeren and explained that the profiles were only a place to start and of course everyone had his or her own personality quirks, wherever they lived. And so it went, for another half hour. Questions were asked and answered. It ended very well. Everyone seemed to be happy with the debate and its resolution. But then everyone was ready for the best part: the food and drink.  

When we walked out into the buffet, I was shocked at the amount of food. About 30 people came to the reception and there was enough for at least 100. Glased chicken on sticks, ham and salami and vegetables on toast, salmon and something green in glass, pineapple lemon mix and chocolate balls with something creamy inside. I suggested to Soeren that he give it free to the students the next day. 

I met a lot of people who had heard about me from Dick's lectures. I'm sure they thought I was green with red horns, at least crazy for running like a banji from one country to another. I talked to three women, who had married Danes, who had read my section of the India book and complimented me, loving the stories. (Thanks, Les. You were certainly correct.) One was called Sandra from Iowa, who met her husband in South America and came back to Denmark to run a mink farm. Then there was Meg, whose name is Mary, from North Carolina and Terry. All of them were teachers at Hjoerring. It was all in all a very good time had by all, a success for Dick.

Then we came back to Jette's where we drank Pina coladas and coke with rum. I drank more than absolutely necessary and suffered a lot that night with unbearable hip pain, which I know will happen under those circumstances. So no one to blame but myself. 

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