18 March, 2012

A Gourmet Meal

Sometimes you get lucky and have a wonderful evening when you least expect it. Last night was such an evening. Friends of Kirsten, Shuzo and Marianna Konishi,  picked us up at 18:30 for dinner. We had been there a couple of times before, but only when the whole family and friends were also there. This time we were their only guests.  

It is a wonderful house, a mixture of Japanese and modern Danish all tastefully picked and executed.  We brought a bottle of Sancerre and Valrhona chocolates, which is the dark chocolate eaten by the Monarchy in Denmark, for gifts. 

We started with a glass of champagne while we sat around in their living room.  There were photos that flashed on the television, which were not taken by them, but by professionals that one can find on the internet. 

 Then we repaired to the table. The first course had a plate with a small serving of shiitake mushrooms, raw ground salmon mixed with something, Japanese risotto, and the stem of some vegetable I had never tasted before. It was brown, mild and crunchy, but the name escapes me.This course was served with a very dry white wine.  

The second course was a variation of scalloped potatoes and duck l'orange covered with grape halves. It was fantastic. This was served with Cote du Rhone.

Dessert was Creme Caramel and coffee. And the after dinner drink was a spot of Amarone Grappa. You couldn't get better at a top gourmet restaurant. 

So it was a meal that took at least two hours and in the meantime we really got to know the two of them. Shuzo has been here more than 40 years. He and Marianna have three grown children, one is a doctor and I think the other is an architect. I'm not sure, because we talked very little about the children. 

He was quite surprised to hear that we had five children who are half Japanese. So we do have things in common. Shuzo did the cooking and loves it apparently. He is always trying new things, and then working on the dish until he is able to do it perfectly. I am glad to be the recipient of that accumulated knowledge.

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