04 December, 2011

A few hours to go

I must apologize for the last entry. I wrote it off line. When I tried to copy it, it would not copy properly. No matter how many times I tried to fix it, it just got worse and finally after thirty minutes I gave up. It costs forty cents a minute, and it seemed ridiculous to spend that kind of money on something that could be read as  is.

Speaking of minutes on the computer, it has been a real  problem on board. I am frankly addicted to my telephone and computer being connected at all times. Here it feels like I stepped back in time. How quickly one becomes accustomed to new technology. 

When I do a crossword, I need the data on my phone. I don't know any of the new fangled groups, singing groups that is. I figure if I look them up often enough I will remember the answer the next time it appears. 

Of course it also a problem, because you can't use your telephone either. So it is like the early 80s. But you don't have a chance to send a telegram either and you have to sit in the library to  get information.


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