14 February, 2012

Off to Houston

I have had quite  a time the last few days. On February 2, I flew to Houston and stayed with Carrie, my friend, who opened the Firefly in Oregon. We had a great time, actually a perfect vacation. No sightseeing, just talking and wandering around the area to see how people live. We got our nails shellacked with crazy colors and had a long pedicure. It is the best pedicure I have ever had and it was not expensive, much cheaper than in Madison.  We sat in the hot tub and went for a walk. The food was excellent, great seafood, and so it should be, since it lies on the coast.

We went to a super bowl party in the neighborhood where everyone brought a dish and alcohol flowed freely. Everyone was welcoming, kind and polite though I must say the men looked through me as if I weren't there. I'm sure that will be more common as I grow older. I guess I will have to color my hair green or bright orange to get noticed. The children were surprisingly well behaved. It was such a pleasure. Reminded me of the 1970s in Madison when the welcome wagon came with treats for the new neighbor. Oh, yes, they were all pretty conservative, but not wildly so. No Obama backers there.

The weather was warm, though it rained a few days. One day was glorious, sunshine and about 80 Fahrenheit. It was a nice few days.

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