25 October, 2011

Traveling home.

I hardly slept last night, though that is common just before a flight.  I got up at 6:30am and finished packing, had breakfast and left for the train to the airport.  The train takes more than three hours to reach Kastrup Airport, the airport in Copenhagen.  Most of the way was sunny, so the changing trees were quite spectacular. And a farmer, who raises sugar beets, even talked to me about poetry and literature. Yes, you heard me correctly, a farmer talked to me about poetry and literature.

My hip has been very painful the last few days and I didn't help matters by falling on my face while entering a shop yesterday. But we put cold packs on the joint and it's quite a bit better. 

Now I'm in the airport waiting to board, which is in an hour.  The airport is very modern, shiny and sparkling. For the shopper there are a lot of shops, and I shop when I need to bring presents home.

So I will close now and get on my way. See you all in Chicago.

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