28 October, 2011

Starting the Journey to a new hip

I am back on track. Today I signed up for the month at the gym, getting ready to see my physical therapist, the cheerful Brandon, saw my chiropractor, the unflappable Breitbach. I made an appointment next Thursday to talk to an orthopedic surgeon, whose name is Rillings. 

This  trip to get a hip replacement has not started out well. I have heard over and over that this is a nothing operation, two weeks and you're back on your feet. No problem at all. 

Well, that's nonsense. It is two weeks before you can walk with a walker. A walker is not my style. Then if you're lucky the third week you can use a cane. But if you are really lucky, after six weeks you'll be back to normal. 

We live in a tri-level home. The bedroom and bath are way upstairs, so if I go there I can't use the kitchen. Why? I won't be allowed to go up and down stairs for four weeks. And I'm told I will need a hospital bed. Horrible idea. Anyway, on Thursday I will beat up the surgeon and see how much of this is true.

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