24 October, 2011

Shopping at the Boot Market

For those who are not familiar with British English, a boot is a trunk in your car. And what you see here is a Boot Market. As you can see, barely, there is a black car with its boot open.

Lots of people showed up, because this is the last sale of the season. And they don't charge taxes on what people manage to sell here. Surprise, surprise.
I loved these things. They will be filled with boiling hot water and put into your bed to warm it. It is especially good for those who don't have central heating. 
If you look closely, you will see a lot of antique pots and pans. I especially loved the blue coffee pot.  A typical color in the Scandinavian countries. Too bad I didn't have room in my bag. I would have bought it.
I loved this lady's hair. So I took her photo.
Last but not least, a view of the market. Quite a few people attended. Unfortunately, the number of sales people were very few, because of the cold and unpredictable weather.

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