12 October, 2011

Tiles anyone?

When you go sight seeing, you hear that this building is neo classic, romantic, gothic, etc. I want to know how this city differs from all the others in Europe. And in Porto the buildings are covered with tiles. Some of them make pictures and others are just designs. Some remind me of the bathroom tiles in the 50s and 60s, but others are quite beautiful.

I'm sure that many of our bathroom and kitchen tiles were copies of this in various colors.

Here is another design. Just think.  You don't have to paint, just replace the tiles when they deteriorate.

Another tile.  So far all in blue. I am guessing, but it is  possible that this goes back to the Moroccan empire. The Moroccans ruled Portugal and a large part of Spain at one time.

Tiles are made into pictures. I quite like it. 

Just to show that not all tiles are blue.


  1. Beautiful photos!

    What does Porto sound like? Any interesting, different smells?

    How does Portuguese food differ from Italian, French, Spanish, British cuisine?

  2. In my opinion the best cuisine in Europe is Italian cuisine, followed by French. Though French food may be better at the high end, Italian food is good even in local trattorias not tourist locals. Portuguese food is good at the high end, as we found last night, but the local restaurants leave much to be desired.