10 October, 2011

Porto 3

The scene from the same window during the day.

I forgot to mention that there are two lifts in the building. Thank goodness, because we are on the 5th floor.

We have had unbelievable weather. According to the Portuguese, it should be raining in sheets with a much lower temperature.  Everyone has boots and raincoats that they have yet to wear. Let's hope it stays this way until the end of the week. 

One of the interesting things we saw was the fact that the Portuguese queue up for everything. I was surprised again. Yes, the British line up everywhere, even in the baggage claim to get a luggage trolley. However, in Germany, even the little old ladies get into the rush the bus or train act, poking you with the end of their umbrellas to push you out of the way. In Italy, the Italian government set up skinny long places so people were forced to line up for taxis at the airport. So it was quite refreshing to see the Portuguese use such polite ways to get around in the city. I know, Americans aren't great queuers. But then I haven't lived very long in the US. 

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