23 September, 2011

Traveling Business

I traveled SAS business class to Copenhagen for the first time. I unfortunately have a problem with my left hip, which I have decided to have fixed, and it means walking distances a great problem. I promised everyone I would take a cane, which has been helpful, and let's face it, I can also swing it pretty hard if necessary. 

I think the hostesses don't like old women with canes.Though they were polite, warmth was definitely lacking. And when I couldn't find the earphones one of the young ladies accused me of dropping it down into the works of the chair. Of course no one said we shouldn't put it into the little pocket on the side of the chair. Oh well, that is really their problem. 

Sleeping was great. I didn't sleep a lot, but I could stretch out and that makes all the difference. 

The food was not any better than economy, it just looked better. It amazes me that people can cook their food to death.

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