23 September, 2011

A Few Hours in Copenhagen

I was so lucky. My friends Jette and Kjeld picked me up. I was wondering how I would manage the luggage on the train. We drove back to Copenhagen and ran straight into a week long bike race. I mean really. Why can't these races be in the countryside. Imagine blocking a city for bikes!!

In the meantime, their granddaughter, Anna, kept us all laughing with her antics. At least it made the time fly faster while watching hundreds of bikers pedaling away.

We arrived at the Omega hotel at 3pm and couldn't get in. I tried the code over and over again. I thought maybe I'd forgotten it, because I memorized it in the US. But we were an hour too early. At 4pm everything worked fine.

Dick arrived and we went out to a Balkan restaurant across from the railway station. It was bright, cheery with violins playing and the food was pretty good. A few glasses of wine and everything glowed. Yes, It was a great evening. 

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