25 September, 2011

Going to VIenna

Rose Marie and Hopi

I went off to the airport with Dick by taxi and went up to the reservation to get my ticket. I handed them my print out.--- I can only say I was glad that we had arrived more than two hours in advance.--- I had made the booking for October instead of September. I could hardly believe my stupidity but then I have done such things before. I guess I was so shocked that I only spent $23 for this ticket, I forgot to recheck the date. In any case, everything turned out well. I had to pay a big fine for my stupidity but I got a seat. Then Dick ordered a wheel chair and off I went to the gate. 

Going by wheelchair is great for the person being pushed. They are helped through customs, go to the front of the line when showing their passports and arrive quickly to get their bags. 

Luckily I got a direct flight to Vienna and would arrive after one hour and thirty minutes, or  it seemed to be luck at first. However, I had no way to communicate with Rose Marie, so I decided I would wait for her to come at 2:30 pm, four hours after I arrived.

 I told Jette by text and she offered to find Rose Marie's telephone number. Not having her number is another blunder on my part. I would say it is part of growing old, but unfortunately I have always done such silly acts. 

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