10 August, 2011

On to Plymouth

 We left Port Isaac  racing to Plymouth, well, racing as much one can when you are driving on the other side of the road through lanes which are meant for one car. It was a stressful drive and our GPS kept sending us to these itty bitty roads instead of the national highway. I must have set it up wrong.

Dick was ranting and hugging the left side,  so that branches kept hitting the car and my arm. I was so tense I could feel the muscles in my stomach.

We arrived in Plymouth, but had little time to look around. We did see where the Puritans were put on a ship and sent off to the new world. They were a fanatical religious group not tolerated by the English, so the Brits "invited" them to leave. They had as much tolerance for our forefathers as we do for our new immigrants. But many of the Puritans were English. Hey, maybe we could find a sparsely populated continent  to send those we don't want. LOL. Seriously, people who are different are not liked anywhere, which is a sad reflection of the human spirit.

We stayed at a very sweet Bed and Breakfast, which looked like a photo of the past. I am always amazed that people like Victorian chairs, tables and beds. However it was very comfortable and the people were very helpful. 

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