13 April, 2011

Port Isaac

Port Isaac

 Last year we found Doc Martin on netflix and watched all four seasons. The hero is a British Surgeon, who has found he can no longer stand the sight of blood. Pretty bad for a surgeon. But the Doc has about as many social graces as House.  He is House in a small village. That village was called Port Wen, which after some research I found on the internet and wanted to visit.  We decided to vacation here this spring.

So here we are and I was not disappointed. The streets are narrow, hardly room for one car, and expected to allow two cars. That tends to be a bit of a challenge as you can see in the following photo.

Toward village center

Port Isaac is still a fishing village. They catch haddock, salmon, crabs, lobsters, etc. So even Dick is eating fish occasionally.

These are some of the traps they use to catch shell fish.  

There is a little beach filled with children, even in this temperature. Of course they aren't in bathing suits; they are playing with stones and digging in the sand.
Children playing on the sea shore

As quaint as it is, it has a number of drawbacks. No ATM or cash point, no bank, no post office, no super market, no launderette, no bars for our telephone. Thankfully it does have wifi, or internet as it is called here. And the people, there is only a population of a few hundred, are  super nice, helpful and very polite. 

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