14 April, 2011

The Doc Martin Sets in Port Isaac

Where is the Star?

Our biggest surprise was that a new series of DOC MARTIN is being filmed here. People of course were crowding around the stars, but we kept our distance.  Watching a movie being made is a bit like watching paint dry. You notice how far away we were from the action.

However we did take photos of the sets that were on the original series.
The Surgery and Home

The sun was behind me. So the photo isn't that great, but it's the bottom house that was the doc's surgery, their name for a doctor's office, and his  home. 
Louisa's house and the restaurant

Louisa is the love interest and lives in the upper house to the right. Below is the restaurant that the plumber turned restaurateur owns and runs with the expected consequences.

The chemist shop, which is the drug store to all of you who haven't been to England. 

This won't interest everyone, but a few will get a kick out of it.

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