11 April, 2011

Easy Jet

A wonderful Sign in England
Because of financial constraints, the organization Dick was speaking to sent us to Leicester with Easy Jet, a cheap airline . Now the staff on the plane was nice and we were a bit naive, but we were told that we could not carry more than 20 kilos each--- at the check in.  We talked the women behind the counter into taking us on board anyway, but we weren't allowed to take more than one bag on the plane. So I stuffed the contents of my purse into my pockets. My purse was huge, so luckily I had bought this coat with huge inside pockets. I looked like the fat man who said after eating five meals, "I ain't got no French fries." When we got to the gate, everyone had  more than one bag. So much for believing what I'm told. 
So unless you travel with a back pack and nothing else, don't take Easy Jet. They won't even let you pay for extra weight or an extra bag.

Pia, one of the Finnish people on the staff where we were going, picked us up with a car of course. She took us to The Hart Pub. We had a great meal.
We were told that  pubs needed a picture of the pub's name as well as writing the name, because there were those who couldn't read and wouldn't  know how to find it. Interesting tidbit.

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