10 April, 2011

Back in Copenhagen 5 April 2011

Returning to Copenhagen was fun. We took a train, which was comfortable and enjoyable. 

We met Dirk Lohr, a German opera singer, whose partner is Marianne Larsen, a Danish opera singer. She wasn't with him, so we didn't have the pleasure of meeting her, but he was loads of fun. And, as you know, what is life without laughter. 

He talked about how foggy his mind was. Der Nebel, he  kept repeating when he didn't understand something or didn't know something. I guess you had to be there. But jokes and irony were flying fast. And he's a German and understood irony. Wow!!!

We stayed at the OMENA hotel in Copenhagen. I liked it. Instead of keys you needed a numeric code to enter and had to reuse that code to buy coke, get into the room, etc. It was  perfect for me, because I have no trouble learning numeric anything but always lose my keys. 

The room was clean, the beds were comfortable, there was wifi, a TV with CNBC, a water cooker, and a more than adequate bathrom, with hot water once you figured out the system. However, there was no service desk, no one to tell you to carry your own luggage, no one to tell you that I can't fix that, etc.  For that convenience, we paid about half the normal price.

Also it was in the red light district and two blocks from the railway station. That means if I am alone I can't go out at night, because we were approached even with Dick along. Perhaps they wanted to sell him some girl, figuring I had run out of any attractive qualities at my age, which I'm sure is true.

I spent  the day catching up on my blog and looking for my Danish Kroener, which I had misplaced in Hoexter. Dick of course was working. What else is new?  The joke is he thinks he can retire. But what would he do? I can hardly get him to relax for a week's vacation. Hardly??? How about impossible.

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