29 March, 2011

A Day in Horsens

                                                           A statue of Diana


I'm a closet junky.  I love rolls with poppy seeds.  MMMMM. I  got hooked on those when we lived in Germany, fresh rolls in the morning covered with poppy seeds. They are as good as French croissants and  make you feel good besides.

Jette makes these muffins in very odd cups. They are small and rubbery, but you can bake with them, stick them in boiling water and wash them in the dishwasher. I have to have some, not that I bake, heaven forbid. But they are like having toys around the house.

We are off to Horsens, a small town.  I will sit and have coffee, while Jette and Kjeld do water aerobics.  Then we will go walking.

I have started some exercises as well again. Sit ups, push ups etc. Anything that doesn't need a weight.  Weights don't travel well.


We had a great time in Horsens. I took them out to lunch. We ate fresh fish at the Sailing Club.  So tonight we had a beautiful salad.
A Greek salad with eggs. The oranges are just for looks. Afterwards we had strawberries and grapes for dessert.

On the way home we stopped and photographed the crocuses leaping out of the ground.
Imagine the man hours needed to plant all of these. Good for the unemployed. 

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