30 March, 2011

The Danish Countryside 1

It is a beautiful day today. Somehow when the sun shines, people smile. When it's gray---well, you know how people act.  We went for a walk in the countryside. Actually it is pretty close to Jette's house, but slowly civilization is dragging its face over the old farms.
This is a photo of the farm. He raised emus and still has sheep.
The door with the statue next to it was where they kept the emus. Now they are gone.  But I found out that emus have green eggs. Some useless information. I also like the stone work on the side of the building. Pretty snazzy.

We went into the barn and ran into the tractor. It looks different from tractors I am accustomed to seeing, not that I know anything about tractors.

Next to the tractor was a pen full of sheep. A white face and a black face. They certainly are a noisy bunch.

There were two lambs gamboling about. 

Here is one chasing its mother for lunch.

On the way home we stopped at the creek and looked for frogs. They were in the water, but out from under the rocks. I tried to take some photos, but they didn't turn out.

Last night I worked on Pedro. So far the progress.
He has a lot more personality. 
I have to finish his hair and one foot. I need some stuffing to finish the job.  
I felt sorry for him in the bag by himself, so now he is with Bimsa the Teddy Bear.

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