28 March, 2011

A Lazy day

Today was a very beautiful day, warmer and sunny. I awoke at 9am and had breakfast with Jette and Kjeld.  We always have bread with jam or cheese and coffee. Quite nice. Jette makes her own bread and she also buys some rolls with poppy seeds. Mmm. 

We watched "27 dresses," a movie I saw long ago, but it was fun. A feel good film. And there were two episodes of Waking the Dead, a British cold case series.  Jette made some muffins, but they are the small ones that used to be normal in the US. We had them as a night cap.  

I worked on my doll. It now has a beard and moustache. Its personality is developing. I think we'll call him Pedro. 

I walked  a mile. It took 23 minutes. But one way I was moving at a pretty good clip for me. I pretty much staggered back. 

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