27 March, 2011

Denmark Update

Yesterday I wrote on my 3M book, Meals, Manners, Mores.  Today looks like another good day to get some work done on it. 

The weather here is cold but sunny. Yesterday was very warm so Jette worked in her garden, and then she made two pizzas. She is quite a cook. 

Kjeld was fixing the water mixer so I could have a warm shower. Not that the water was cold, but certainly not steaming. However, I have had cold bucket baths and survived. So I didn't mind. 

I also worked on my doll. This is for Tiger, the littlest grandson. So it must be a manly doll with lots of whiskers and a moustache. 

We did an interval walk, slowly for a few feet and then quickly for a few feet. We covered half a mile this way. I was sweating buckets at the end. It only shows how out of shape I am in. 

Tomorrow I finish my medicine. The last prednisone tablet I took today and tomorrow the anti biotics will be finished. I do feel a lot better, so I guess it was worth it. 

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