18 May, 2010

The Kindle

After years I couldn't imagine putting books aside for an i-reader. How could I possibly not have a book in my hand, turn those pages, smell the print, underline and make notes along the edge and, yes, even turn down the corners to find my place..

But reality set in as I realized I could no longer lift the extra six or seven pounds of books I carry with me when I travel and that, since I have to carry a smaller and smaller bag, I need to either throw out my clothes or throw out my books. Throwing out my clothes would be fine, but I imagine a month on the road with the same outfit would become boring, not to say how it might smell.

So I decided to buy a kindle. Amazon won out because it is in 100 different countries and I wanted as much flexibility as possible.

It was the best decision I have ever made. No longer do I have five, six or seven lbs of books packed in my suitcase, but just this one streamlined digital reader. It can be read anywhere books can be read and you turn the pages with a flick of the thumb. Everything is kept under the home button and you can see how far you have read by the amount of darkened dots under the title. When you open the book it takes you to the page you left off, and you can underline and put notes on the pages of your choice.  If you want to find a page or chapter, you can flip from chapter to chapter heading.

Everyday I get the NY times. I pay for it of course. But I find that I now have time to read it, sitting in the coffee shop, riding the train and it takes up no space and I don't have to throw away the paper. If I like an article I clip it and it is added to my clippings. It also tells me when the new one has arrived.

If I need a new book, I go to the kindle store, write in the title and wallah, there it is sixty seconds later.I bought books in Denmark and Poland so far and intend to in Germany tomorrow, just to prove I can.

The books are cheaper than the book you buy at the store or from your internet store, and the classics are around $1 of $2. And remember, it will never wear out.

 Some disadvantages: I can't do the crossword or the suboku, however.And the pictures are not in color. Frankly, I know that will come one day and I will give the old one to my husband, who will also find it handy, because we have tons of paper in our house we have to recycle.

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