18 May, 2010

Meeting the Man you're Married to again

I look at my husband with new respect. He gets up at 6am, goes off to lecture the whole day, has dinner and gets back at 10pm and then does the same thing the next day, if he isn't racing for some plane or train to reach the next gig. And shockingly, he is not in a bad mood, not moaning as he does at home, that he's not feeling well, or complaining that I haven't done something correctly, like putting the dishes in the dishwasher as he thinks it should be done among others.

 I thought he should retire, but no more. Home is toxic for him, work is his life. And though there are those that find that unfortunate (and shouldn't he forced to have a good time), it is what he is and one must respect and accept it. Not everyone likes to golf, fish or hunt, as men in my family do and did. And so I don't see a long retirement for Dick until he really can't get on that plane or train.

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