12 March, 2010


The last day in Denmark Dick and I spent at the Louisiana with our very good friends, Jette and Kjeld.

No, the Louisiana is not a fried chicken restaurant, though I know the name makes one think of that. It is a very dignified, modern art museum.  And it is located in the tiny village of Humlebaek, which makes me think of hobbits. Even the houses have the look of Middle Earth.
 I love the way the roof seems to hug the ground.

 I think the rooves are thatched. And moss grows on it.

Jette and Kjeld are from a tiny village near Horsens---I love these names. They both adore going through museums, and going with them makes it more fun for us.

There was a wonderful exhibition of the same artists we saw at D'Orsay in Paris, 19th and 20th century artists like Matisse, Kokoshka, Renoir and Van Gogh. We weren't allowed to take photographs at this museum, even without a flash.

Afterwards, we drove down the coast and saw little fishing villages. It was a wonderful day.

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