10 March, 2010

Arriving Home

The afternoon before last we arrived expecting winds, storms, snow, hellish rain and tornadoes. Chicago was as warm as Paris was freezing. There was a drizzle and then the sun came out. I opened my coat, which had been plastered on for nine weeks and sighed at the tranquility I felt. Who would've thought that the weather in Chicago would put Paris to shame.

Unfortunately we found out that Dick's brother had died at ten that morning, so we missed saying goodbye by five hours. Thankfully, he didn't suffer long. A death of someone you care about is always sad, and now he leaves a vacuum which will take some time to fill.

Our house was still standing and in good condition. Thank goodness for that. Our friends, Tina and Bob, picked us up at the bus station and brought us home. They had also turned on the heat and water, so everything was ready for us to move back in.

Yesterday we got Annie, our sweet little dog, so our little family is now complete.

However, we came back to mountains of mail, broken tree branches, muddy driveway, among others. That is, however, always the case when we travel.

Since I don't want to lose the French I learned, I have to get on that as well. And I have to gather information for our website, which will be used by people who read our book.

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