18 March, 2010

Burying a friend, a brother.

A week has passed and I have not written my blog. We buried Dick's brother in a wonderful ceremony at the First Lutheran Church in Janesville. I was surprised that Norm had been cremated, since Lutheran ideology believes in resurrection of the body, which normally means that the body must remain whole when buried. This is also a precept of the Catholic Church. But of course if you believe that God is all powerful, than resurrection should be possible even with cremation.

Norm was a very popular figure in his town. More than 200 people came to the funeral, and many more stopped by to give their condolences. He had been instrumental in developing Driver's Education in the high school, which was copied all over the state of Wisconsin and the nation. He was active in the church and in the community.

We are going to miss him. Luckily we had seen him and Jane often in the last few years.

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