19 January, 2010

In search of a rude Parisian

 The Friendliest Bistro and the food is good.

Every book I've read and even from my experiences in the 19960s and 1970s the French can be unbelievably rude. Even the French claim that Parisians are arrogant and rude. But this trip has yet to unearth one of these terrible people. Waiters have been  friendly and helpful, shopkeepers have smiled and asked us if they could find whatever we  want, clerks have helped us with our French and taxi drivers have explained a number of historical sites to us when we are going to our destination.

Friendly waiters at Le Tambour

The first day, I fell, because I was taking photos and not paying attention. At least five people leaped up  to help me. It reminded me of Dijon when I fell and messed up my face two or three years ago. I can't complain about the French. Either they have changed or I have changed the way I respond. Probably some of both.

I will admit that the man at the Phone House wasn't friendly, but he was professional. Should one expect more? I don't need to be friends with the lady at the boulangerie or the man selling fruit. I smile and say Bon Jour and if he doesn't want to answer, I just go about my business.


  1. Glad your experience was a good one.

  2. Glad your experience was a good one.