20 January, 2010


We decided to take the whole day off. First we went to the book store on rue Rivoli, near the Tuilerie Gardens. Then we went to get chocolate at Angelina's. But as you can see, it would be a long wait.

The line spread all the way around the block. No chocolate is worth that long a wait.

Off we went to rue huchette, just off rue San Michelle.  This is a street loaded with tourists, but fun to stroll down. First you have to buy a crepe.

You can have crepes with guess what? You got it: chocolate or nutella or honey or just plain jam. You can also have a dinner crepe filled with whatever you want. However there is no place to sit and eat. So we decided we would come back for dessert. In the meantime I wanted a coffe creme.

This  is how a coffee au lait or coffee creme is served, like a bowl of soup. I like the idea of it, so I always buy it this way. It only costs about $10. Cheap at half the price. ( I said before that Starbucks is cheaper, the same amount of coffee for six bucks.) I sat happily drinking this in the corner cafe when a smoker sat so close, I gagged from the smell. It was legal. The front was wide open, so smokers allowed. We left. Never  fear, I drank the whole bowl of coffee, Japanese style.

Across the street was the cafe la lutese. We thought we 'd get a bite there and then go back for crepes. We ordered salads and some fries to share. When the food came, I couldn't believe how huge the portions were. French fries outdid those at McDonalds' super sizer and the salads could have been fed to a party of ten at a buffet. I couldn't finish mine, couldn't finish half of it. So the crepes have to wait for another day. But the day was good, good weather, good stroll and half way decent food. Next week a chocolate at Angelina's and crepes at rue Huchette.

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  1. I drink coffee now, did you know? That looks so delicious. I swear, if I could make it work, I'd be there in a heartbeat! Nutella crepes, I love you!