01 February, 2010

Clean streets of Paris

The smoke free restaurants weren't the only difference we found when we arrived. The other surprise was the clean streets. Well, now I exaggerate, there were a few gifts from the thousands of Parisian dogs, but not like the last time we were here.

Apparently the hospitals were crowded with people slipping on poop or falling while trying to scrape it off their shoes. Something had to be done!!!!

So a law was passed fining owners who didn't clean up after their little darling. But it was unenforceable, because Paris has no police force. Ah, you say, you who have traveled here, you have seen police everywhere.

Yes, they are Parisian security guards, who patrol parks, markets, and malls. But they have no teeth: they can't ask you for your identity card or stop you. The only police in Paris is the equivalent of our FBI in uniform, and why would they care about dog shit?

So the next best thing---a street cleaning force was created and they clean the streets. Big green trucks and men in green uniforms. You hear them in the morning, noon and afternoon. They wash the streets and vacuum up the dog poop.

So instead of earning money from fines, the city spends money, doing what the owners of dogs should do themselves.

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  1. Great one! This reminds me of when I was a kid wearing my new boots (with thick, deep treads) in Florence. I took two steps out of the door and *squish.* It took me about three weeks to build up the courage to try and clean them. By that time the doo doo was so cemented in that I had to chisel it out. The stench made me dry heave. After I finally got them clean, I stepped out the door and (I kid you not) I immediately stepped into another humid steam-pie. I just threw the boots out.