03 February, 2010

What do you do when you have four hours of boring?

I had a great time today after class. I hate to sound like a complainer, but the class is utterly boring--and anyone who knows me well knows I have a problem with boring. Actually it makes me crazy and then I do something crazy. I might jump up and do a jig, or say something totally uncalled for. Yes, I have embarrassed myself many times because I was bored.

I managed to get through today. However I had a talk with two women who are older and we agreed to do something about it. I will volunteer every time, and then they will follow suit.

You have to understand, I don't care if I make a mistake, or make a fool of myself. Maybe it's my age, but I don't think it is only that. You learn more by making mistakes, you never forget when everyone grins with glee at you. If that makes others happy, it's fine with me.

What do I mean by boring? The "professor" reads everything to us instead of having us read or talk or all the things one does now while learning a language. This is the Alliance Francaise, so I expect more. Then the instructor obsesses on one aspect of grammar. For example, today, she repeated the possessive over and over for two hours. The rest of the time we talked about the grand-pere, grand-mere, petit-fils, etc.  I know its  important to know these words, but these words are similar in many languages, so is it really necessary to repeat ad nauseum? We have no Asians in this class, and frankly the Asians I have met here in the Alliance Francaise speak perfect English.

Actually I had another topic in mind when I started. See what happens when you get off on a tangent?

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