30 January, 2010

Another Day in Paris

Today I woke up to rain, pounding rain. Luckily I caught the metro between showers on my way to and from class, but the rest of the time, the water ran like rivers through the streets.

Monday I get a new teacher, and I have been promoted. I really enjoyed the teacher we had, Iva is her name, who often got frustrated, but was kind about it. I would chuckle, because I know how hard it is to teach a beginning class. She was using her whole body to get ideas across. Sometimes it even worked. She asked me why I wanted to learn French, and I said why not.  That satisfied her.

One of the students, a young Chinese girl, has befriended me. I help her with her pronunciation occasionally, and we sometimes do our homework together. I also bought a simple Chinese language book and am relearning the characters I once knew well. She kiindly looks it over.

Tomorrow I have to shop and wash clothes. Those horrible chores must be done, and then in the afternoon, I will visit a museum. What? Me?  A museum?  I am really not the sightseeing type, ran out of that energy in my middle forties. I am too goal oriented, to wander around looking at paintings. But maybe I will take my sketchpad and sketch some stuff. 

Tonight it is supposed to snow, and the next week, it should be colder. But it is still winter and this kind of weather is expected. Well, instead of rambling on about nothing in particular, I guess I will close.

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  1. "Why do you want to learn French? Why not?"